Top 5 Landscaping Mistakes in Santa Barbara.

Landscaping mistakesLandscaping Mistakes are costly. This blog will help Santa Barbara homeowners avoid making serious landscaping mistakes when starting a outdoor project.

Landscaping Mistake #1: Hiring an Unlicensed Gardener

The biggest landscaping mistake homeowners make  in Santa Barbara is hiring an unlicensed landscaper or an ordinary gardener. Beware of the following:

  • Unlicensed contractors routinely provide a business license number that is not a contractor’s license number.
  • Unlicensed laborers may cause you to be financially responsible for injuries, fire, or property damage.
  • Unlicensed contractors usually don’t carry workers compensation insurance or liability insurance.

Always hire a licensed landscape contractor! Licensed Landscape Contractors are trained to provide grading services, install planting and irrigation, and construct structural elements of design.  Some may also be certified in landscape design or irrigation.  Certification means they have had additional training in these areas by a trade association such as the Irrigation Association or California Landscape Contractors Association.
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Landscape Water Drainage in Santa Barbara

7 Water Drainage System Tipsfrench water drain

Water drainage is one of the most important phases of a landscape design and installation project. Why?

Water drainage in your landscaping is as important as landscape irrigation. Sometimes water drainage gets overlooked and not implied. Proper water drainage is important to residential landscapes because it solves many water-related problems caused by; excessive rainfall, standing water and soil erosion.Effective draining can also help prevent foundation damage due to earthquakes.

  1. Excess amounts of water in landscaped gardens and lawns may result in plant  diseases and that can cause the death of expensive flowers and trees which you have watch for years grow to look great and become central focal points throughout your yard.
  2. When there is no landscape water drainage in place, homeowners are at risk of damaging their home’s foundation.  Landscape water drainage systems are perfect for the removing water away for your structure in areas around your home which are low and prone to flooding. There are various types of landscape water drainage systems available, which can be installed to newly built properties or existing properties to divert water away from buildings.
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Pruning Your Garden in Santa Barbara

pruning rose brushes in Santa Barbara

Pruning Your Garden’s  Roses, Fruit Trees and Grape Vines

After 30 year of providing  landscape design and maintainance services for hundreds of properties in Santa Barbara County, the most common question about pruning is “When is the best time to prune rose bushes, fruit trees and grapevines?”

The answer to this question is that it all depends on your area or location and its microclimate. The biggest mistake people make regarding pruning is that they often do it too soon. This can be disastrous. A lot of uneducated gardeners prune roses and stone fruits as soon as early December. This is a serious mistake in Santa Barbara County. Let’s get started with rose pruning.

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