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Backyard Media and Entertainment Center Design and installation in Santa Barbara

Introducing an outdoor entertainment center into a landscape offers another way to enhance your outdoor living experience. Your pool is already the center of fun every summer, but how about expanding your backyard pool area by building outdoor entertainment centers—complete with a pergola, television, music player and speaker system.

What could possibly make relaxing by your pool on a warm summer day even better? How about relaxing by your pool under your very own pergola while watching a ball game on a flat screen TV with surround sound? Or wouldn’t it be fun to create your own outdoor movie theater to watch your favorite movies under the stars.

Outdoor entertainment centers are also great to reduce stress. Studies show that sitting in a garden and combining music with clean air and sunlight can help you unwind and relax after a long hard day.

Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. will design a new way to bring entertaining audio-vid technology into your garden. We install the following outdoor entertainment center products:

  • Outdoor stereo music system
  • Backyard theaters and Big Screen Television
  • Outdoor Screen and Projection System
  • Outdoor surround sound speaker system
  • Outdoor office
  • And more!

Electronics for outdoor living spaces continues to open up new ways to bring luxury and convenience into your backyard garden. For example; Audio and video content can be provided from electronic equipment inside your home and accessed with an easy-to-use remote control.

Televisions for Outdoor Use

When choosing an TV for outside use go with an LCD display rather than a plasma screen because it will handle glare better—something that will obviously be an issue outside. There are televisions made specifically for outdoor use but do not buy them if you think you will only be using it occasionally because they are very expensive. You can buy a 35-inch TV from a department store for only $500 to $1200.”

Outside televisions are usually set up using a wall mount and jack outside on which you can hang your indoor flat screen. Of course, you do have to be wary of the weather if you choose this route so make sure the TV is protected from the elements. If you plan to watch TV outdoors on a regular basis a TV made specially for outdoor use is a smart investment because it can handle the elements so much better. But they can cost up to $3,000.

Speaker Systems for Outdoor Living Spaces

To provide a real home theater atmosphere many of our clients install surround sound speakers throughout the pool area. Our outdoor audio products are made to blend into your environment because they can easily be hidden by building them flush on the face of pillars or into your pergola—or using speakers that look like rocks. We make sure of placing them in places that look natural.

The boundary between your inside and outside living space is becoming more blurred. It is now possible to think about the introduction of technology into your garden. It presents new and exciting opportunities for your landscaping and outdoor living experience.

We enjoy creating fun outdoor entertainment centers. We promise you that we’ll create a gorgeous outdoor environment where you’ll be proud to entertain friends or just relax with family.

And you can have the peace of mind knowing that we’re bonded, licensed and insured to protect the safety of our staff and clients.

Down to Earth Landscapes Inc. is located in Santa Barbara, Ca 93101 and for over 40 years has earned a fine reputation for installing unique outdoor entertainment area that include audio and video technology. Our clients are in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties and the communities of Montecito, Santa Ynez, Ojai and Oxnard.

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