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Bruce Koehler

President and CEO

Bruce Koehler - Santa Barbara Landscape Contractor

Hi, I’m Bruce Koehler, my family has deep roots in Santa Barbara County. We trace our roots heritage directly back to the earliest settlers of the Buell family. Our mother, Betty Ann Nielson-Koehler grew up in Mission Canyon in the early 1920s. Our grandfather, Wylie Nielson, was one half of the fabled Santa Barbara Electrical team Nielson-Smith.

Together they were responsible for wiring such Santa Barbara landmarks as the Granada Theater and the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Many of their original fixtures are still operational, particularly the street lamps on the Riviera. Our grandmother, Maybelle Buell-Nielson was born of the legendary A.W. Buell, who was a rancher and an entrepreneur in the early California pioneering era of the late 19th century, an who, with his brother, founded Buellton. Our father, Arthur Koehler, worked as the chief electrical inspector for the city of Santa Barbara for 26 years. He loved his native Iowa, but was at home in Santa Barbara from the moment he arrived.

With this kind of history, it should be no surprise that we have a deep-seated desire to invest in our community and to continue to make Santa Barbara beautiful.

I have a passion for landscaping and taking care of our precious blue planet.

From my earliest days, I have always been up a tree or have had my hands in the soil, and it shows. People often ask me when I’m going to hang up my uniform for shorts and a pair of sandals, but as long as I can landscape that will never happen because I don’t consider it work.  I like to be out in the field, always learning more so I can bring you my expertise, blending it with the soul of an artist and the touch of a craftsman.

I have been a landscape designer and contractor for over 25 years. Recently, I have developed a passion for vineyards and viniculture. Since my time at Washington State University, I have been able to plant and maintain several vineyards for clients. If you want wine, I can grow it, make it and bottle it for you. For me, this company has been cherished companion and a lifelong love. Let me introduce you to some of the key treasures we offer.

Bruce Koehler Credentials

  • A.S. Degree in Landscape Horticulture
  • A.S. Degree in Landscape Architecture
  • Extensive field work and a certification in Viticulture from Washington State University
  • 25 years of installation and maintenance service
  • Fully experienced in all phases of irrigation
  • Licensed Landscape Contractor

Mark Koehler

Supervisor, Maintenance Division

Mark Koehler - Santa Barbara Landscape Maintnenance

No, you aren’t seeing double. Mark is my identical twin, and as such Mark and I have been closer than skin since before we were born. In 1997, Mark left us for other landscaping opportunities in Monterey and Carmel. Although he had been with us for 13 years, we wished him well. During his time away from Santa Barbara, he gained a wealth of expertise and training–he several years developing some of the most incredible landscapes in Monterey County, such as Quail Lodge and Bernadus Lodge in Carmel Valley–that when he returned in January of 2009, he was able to share with us. He shares my passion for ecological conservation, as well as an impeccable eye for color and design. He is our estate manager with a flair for communication with clients.

Mark Koehler Credentials

  • A.S. Degree in Landscape Horticulture
  • A.S. Degree in Landscape Architecture
  • Certified Landscape technician (CLT)
  • Certified Master Gardener
  • Landscape maintenance supervisor at Spanish Bay Inn, Carmel, Ca.
  • Landscape maintenance supervisor at Bernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, Ca.

Rufino Perez

Supervisor: Construction Division

Santa Barbara Landscaper

Rufino is the kind of employee that every employer dreams to find. He is currently working on his 23rd year with us. We consider him our Field General. He has complete knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and masonry work. But more than that, he is a loyal, devoted and humble man who clients adore. We consider him part of our family, and count ourselves lucky to have him working along side us.

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