Rock Walls in Santa Barbara Landscapes

Santa Barbara Irish rock wall construction In honor of St. Patrick ‘s Day and my Irish heritage, I’ve decided to spend the month of March blogging about the contributions Irish immigrants have made to  Santa Barbara landscapes. This week’s topic: Irish rock walls in Santa Barbara.

History of the Irish Rock Wall

The Irish rock wall, also called the dry stone wall, is an ancient landscaping form used across Europe and the Western Mediterranean region. Rock walls of this sort are found in any region where materials are plentiful. The word “dry” refers to the construction of a rock wall without the presence of mortar. This tradition employs a method of building a wall by fitting each piece of stone against the next until the wall resembles a perfectly constructed puzzle. These rock walls are particularly abundant in the West of Ireland, especially Connemara.
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Soil Amendment Tips for Santa Barbara Landscapes.

Soil Preparation is important

Santa Barbara soil adviceSoil amendments and proper soil preparation are essential when installing a new landscape. As a matter of fact, it is arguably the most important component of a successful landscape. Clients often pay for a new landscape completely unaware that the installer doesn’t even have a clue what needs to go into the native soil for proper plant growth. Often enough, even the person doing the installing is unaware that THEY are unaware of it.
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6 Ideas for Creating Great Curb Appeal Landscaping in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Landscaping Front yard

Front Yard Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal landscaping frames the house and leads the eye to the front door, creating a unified, balanced look. Homes with great curb appeal landscaping have lawns are neatly manicured, shrubs trimmed and flowerbeds are free of weeds.

According to a survey published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, it was found that a well-designed front yard can add 10 to 12 percent to the value of a home.  This particularly true in a subdivision where the homes look alike in other aspects,

The landscape designs that added the most value were those that used a sophisticated design scheme with a thoughtful combination of deciduous and evergreen shrubs.  Consult with a licensed landscape contractor for ideas.

Six Landscaping Suggestions for Creating Curb Appeal

  1. Step into the street and take a good look at your home and front yard. Analyze its curb appeal as objectively as possible. Make a list of the yard’s good points, as well as any drawbacks. Perhaps the sidewalk leading to the home makes a sharp entrance that would benefit from the softening effect of landscape plants. Old, tired evergreens or shrubs may need renovation or even removal. Shrubs may be too large or small for their allotted space or look out of balance with other plants.
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