Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contactor


Santa Barbara Landscaping Contractor Offering Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Santa Barbara commercial lanscape maintenanceSanta Barbara, CA (PR.COM) May 30, 2013

Leading Santa Barbara based landscaping contractor, Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. has recently announced a new range of commercial landscape maintenance services to owners of retail, commercial and industrial properties. These new services are designed to help local area businesses and property managers maintain attractive outdoor living spaces that will provide an appealing look to their outdoor spaces.

Businesses and property management companies must take great care of their outdoor common areas to maintain them through all seasons of the year. Many retail, industrial and commercial businesses in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties have depended upon Down to Earth Landscapes Inc for their landscaping needs for over 40 years. These companies generally don’t have time or in-house resources to handle this important maintenance task.

So they rely on specialists such as Down to Earth Landscapes Inc who understand optimal lawn and garden care and can enhance the landscapes of commercial and retail properties by applying expert plant selection and landscape designing techniques.

For all commercial landscaping maintenance requirements, Santa Barbara landscaping contractor Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. is the standout leader.

Down to Earth Landscapes offers weekly maintenance services for owners of retail, industrial and commercial property across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The company’s services will enable organizations to create and maintain comfortable and attractive environments for those who work within and visit their commercial buildings.

One of the many reasons why so many continue to select the services of Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. is that the company has experience working with a broad array of unique commercial spaces. Within their 40 years in the landscaping field, the Santa Barbara contractor has worked on hotels, shopping centers, churches, restaurants, public parks, business courtyards and many other spaces to support the landscaping needs of their commercial clientele.

Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc’s commercial landscape maintenance services range from routine maintenance to more complex services such as major renovations and irrigation design and installation. And clients who utilize these new commercial landscaping services will also find that the team at Down to Earth Landscapes Inc. is ready to respond with a customized service solution.

Large Santa Barbara Commercial Landscaping ProjectIt’s now the ideal time to begin renovating neglected outdoor business areas. Contact the team at Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. at 805-765-2553 to learn more about the organization and their new range of commercial, retail and industrial property landscape maintenance solutions.

Alternatively, clients can visit to learn more about the company and their wide range of landscaping services.


Buying a Vineyard in California


Buying a California Vineyard

Vineyard Design & Management Services

Advice for Buying a Vineyard

Americans have overtaken the French and Italians as the world’s foremost wine consumers. As we’ve gained a taste for the fruits of the vine, grapes and wine, we have also developed an appreciation for the places where those fruits are cultivated and harvested. Vineyards, sun dappled and surrounded by ordered, green rows of vines, have grown in popularity as a business and a hobby. Now, buying a vineyard as a business venture is not for everyone, however, building a backyard vineyard and wine making has become cool as a hobby.

Vineyard Market Trends

The United States was once home to just a few hundred vineyards. In the 1970s, before American wine had gained the respect it now enjoys, there were just 400 wineries in the Unites States. Now, there are 7,000.

Many of these new vineyards are in California, nestled in the celebrated wine-producing regions of Napa and Sonoma in the north and in Santa Barbara County and the Central coast. These vineyards have seen a remarkable appreciation in value in the last few decades. Property prices in California’s wine country climbed between 100 percent and 300 percent in each of the decades between 1950 and 2008. Admittedly, these heady prices cooled somewhat during the first years of America’s current economic malaise.

During the recent recession, American consumers turned towards more economical wines, and many vineyards suffered because of this collective move away from the more expensive wines. But the wine industry is quickly rebounding. In fact, in the last year, California’s North Coast has seen its treasured vineyards surge in production and value. Since 2012, a number of wineries – collectively worth more than $300 million – have been sold to new owners.

Is Buying a Vineyard a Good Investment?

Buying a California Vineyard

Santa Ynez Vineyard

Buying a vineyard, in aggregate, can make excellent investments. They are the indispensable nuclei of the expanding industry. But vineyards are not within the means of every individual. John C. Bergman, the founder of a real estate firm in California’s wine country, told Forbes that “The purchase of a vineyard estate is half emotion and half logic.” Bergman’s advice is intended for the majority of wanna-be vintners. Few among us have the resources to grow and produce wine purely for recreational purposes. Those who wish to own a vineyard must have a large amount of available capital if they are going to prosper.

A prospective vintner must, before making his/her purchase, assess his/her financial situation carefully. In all likelihood, if you are looking to buy a vineyard in the United States, you will be purchasing an established vineyard in California. 90 percent of American wine is produced in the state, much of it in the north: in Napa and Sonoma. Prices vary enormously, but typically it costs between $150,000 and $200,000 an acre for a vineyard planted with red varietals. For an acre planted with white grapes, you will need to spend a comparatively modest $115,000 an acre.

If you are not deterred by these sums, it’s important to remember that a vineyard, if it is to be successful, demands constant investment. It must be managed and tended to by an experienced team of grape-growing professionals.

Buying a vineyard, though the treasured aspiration of many a wine enthusiast, is feasible for only a select few. Vineyards in established wine-growing regions are costly and capital intensive. There is a reason for the popularity of the following saying in the wine business: “Do you know how to make a small fortune in the vineyard business? Start with a large one.” That said, if you have the capital and knowledge resources available, buying a vineyard can be a rewarding step into a growing, healthy market: one which can bring financial and emotional rewards.

Buying and owning a vineyard is rewarding, but one needs to remember that this business is agriculture. Agriculture results can be risky. Your harvest and profits depends on many factors such as weather, pests, fungi diseases, and many more. Good luck!

We have years of experience designing, installing and managing vineyards in Santa Barbara County.  Contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help you.


Landscaping for Privacy in Santa Barbara (Part 2)


Landscaping for Privacy Using Screens, Lattices, Fences, and Block Walls

If, in your search for landscaping for privacy, you seek something a bit more substantial, there are many excellent options for installing hardscape solutions to achieve backyard privacy.

1. Screens

The least expensive and permanent way to provide privacy for a deck or yard is the screen. This is an easy weekend “DIY” project. Screens are accessible through many different retail stores from hardware stores to places like Pier One and Cost Plus World Market. They vary in size, color, design, type, and material.

Gardens that are designed to evoke the calming state of a Zen garden benefit from the use of a screen for privacy. They can be beautiful and authentic. Our one suggestion is that when choosing a screen for privacy, you pay close attention to the kind of material of which it is made and keep in mind the way the weather will affect it.

For example, a landscape that faces the western sun or that is particularly wet will age your screen faster than a shady dry area. Always make sure that the screen material you purchase is meant for outdoors. In most cases, the manufacturer will note this on the box or in the store.

2. Lattices and Fences

Landscaping for privacy

Boundry Wood Fence with Climbing Roses

Lattices can also be “DIY” projects, if purchased at hardware stores. A lattice is any ornamental framework made of a crisscross shape out of an arrangement of crossing “laths” or slight strips of material. They come in prefabricated sizes and thickness and are usually ready to be painted. Be sure to treat the material with a sealant and primer before painting.

In our landscapes, we prefer to use lattices as part of fencing structures for privacy. We build our own lattices, and we like to combine them for a custom look that will remain beautiful for many more years then the prefabricated versions.

We often use them near hot tubs or in areas where a screen is more preferable than the closed look of a fence. They can be particularly effective in “secret garden” type landscapes. They tease the senses with a peek at the opposite side while still providing shelter from the elements. They are also great options for sweet scented vines like climbing roses, sweet peas, and pink jasmine.

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Landscaping for Privacy in Santa Barbara (Part 1)


Hedges for Privacy

Hedges Create Walls for Privacy

Landscaping for privacy is common when living in an urban space. Although Santa Barbara might not be specifically classified as an urban space by most standards, this city’s geographical orientation with the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other has caused builders to make use of the space as creatively as they possibly can.

Many Santa Barbara living spaces are situated on stilts, terraced, and just plain built with the neighbors on the other side of the wall.

Living in close proximity can create privacy issues that are frequently solved with the strategic planting of hedges and tress. Proper landscaping can mute sound, provide some privacy from outside onlookers, and delineate property lines.

Landscaping for Privacy with Hedges and Trees

When it comes to creating privacy, you should use plant material, rather than fences and walls, as a first option. We like to call hedges living walls, because they provide much of the same buffer as hardscape walls in regards to sound, light, and screening, while also offering a softer living landscape of greenery and flowers. Hedges contribute to the ecology. They create oxygen and they balance the landscape.

Let’s explore our best tips on utilizing plant material for privacy.

Choosing the Best Plants for a Hedge and Privacy

There are three particular types of hedges that we love to use in Santa Barbara landscapes:

1. Privet (genus Ligustrum)

Ligustrum is an evergreen shrub that is native to the continents of Europe, North Africa, and Asia. We prefer to use the Ligustrum texanum, or the Texas Privet as our first choice for “living walls.”

We like it because it is particularly repellent to insects and disease. It is a hearty hedge, and provides thick growth that gives excellent screening against street noise. Once established, it requires little maintenance outside of regular pruning for height.

The only drawback to planting the privet is that its berries are not edible. Though they can be mildly unpleasant to humans, they can be harmful to domesticated animals.

If you have pets that like to eat foliage, or if you live on a ranch with horses, we suggest that you consider planting a different kind of hedge. However, the way we use privet for privacy requires regular maintenance. Regular pruning keeps berries from forming.

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Santa Barbara Landscaping Design and Maintenance for Property Management Companies


Santa Barbara Landscape design contractor

Our Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. Team

Santa Barbara Landscaping Design and Maintenance Contractor  Announces  Service Offering for  Property Management Companies

Santa Barbara, Ca (PR.COM) April 22, 2013

Top Santa Barbara based landscaping design and maintenance company Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. is offering local area property management companies the opportunity to work with their trusted landscaping specialists. With this addition to their broad scope of services, the company is now providing property managers a trusted resource to manage their common area landscapes. This allows property managers to focus more on property profitability and tenant satisfaction. The duties of today’s property manager consists of many varied duties. From building maintenance, tenant and vendor relations to P+L responsibilities. Property managers of large firms manage multiple properties and simply don’t have the time to attend to all the demands of managing multiple complexes with  optimal effectiveness. For this reason, property mangers are seeking reliable vendors to handle recurring services.  This includes   using  experienced commercial landscape contractors such as Santa Barbara-based Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. to handle landscaping design and maintenance needs.

One of the key advantages in partnering with the team at Down to Earth Landscapes is that the company offers in-house expertise in the area of both landscape design, construction and maintenance. This means that, whether building managers have day-to-day cleanup requirements or larger long-term landscaping projects, Down to Earth Landscape can be a preferred vendor.

In addition to handling many of the landscaping duties required of property managers, the team at Down to Earth Landscapes also offers a broad other support.. For example, the company will attend HOA meetings on the property manager’s behalf, solving existing problems or giving proactive advice on landscaping development work. The company will also respond to emergency calls during weekends and evenings to ensuring that all unexpected landscape and irrigation problems are safely and timely addressed. .

Santa Barbara and Ventura County property managers can contact the commercial landscaping design and maintenance experts at Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. directly to learn about their cost-effective landscape management solutions.

For a full insight into the evolving services offered by the company, please visit their business website at


Santa Barbara Landscaping Company Designing Enchanting Aroma Gardens


Santa Barbara Aroma Garden - Thyme


Santa Barbara Landscaping Company offering Enchanting Aroma Gardens for Santa Barbara Residents

Santa Barbara, Ca. (PR.COM) April 19, 2013 . One of the foremost Santa Barbara Landscaping Companies offering innovative landscaping services in Santa Barbara is Down to Earth Landscapes. They have just announced a new addition to their suite of creative landscaping services. They now offer Santa Barbara and Ventura area residents the opportunity to have their very own backyard or front yard aroma garden. These aroma gardens are designed to enhance outdoor environments with pleasant aromas that are unique for each season.


It is springtime and many homeowners in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties are now looking to improve the outdoor environments of their homes or business in time for the summer enjoyment. There are many popular and proven methods for upgrading garden landscapes, but aroma gardens represent one of the latest and most innovative trends within the landscaping industry. And now, through the team at the Santa Barbara landscaping  company, Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc., custom-designed aroma gardens are now available to residents across the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Santa Ynez, Ojai and Oxnard and Ventura communities.

Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. knows how to design and plant beautiful and healthy landscapes and their knowledge and experience will ensure that the client’s aroma garden will offer a backyard environment in which to entertain party guests or simple relax with family. The company utilizes best-in-class methods in creating the ideal aroma garden for their clientele.

The company’s experience landscaping design staff often use gravel, flagstone or un-mortared brick to create a footpath or patio area. This ensures that there is crevices and cracks in which to plant fresh, aromatic herbs and plant material so that fragrances can be experienced wherever one wonders through the aroma garden. Aromatic plants used by Down to Earth Landscapes, in building aroma gardens include pennyroyal, Roman chamomile, and caraway thyme, with each offering their own distinctive bouquet of scents.

Property owners across Santa Barbara can now get a free estimate on the cost of installing their very own aroma garden by contacting the team at Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. today. To learn more about this locally-owned Santa Barbara landscaping company and its full range of services, please visit


Santa Barbara Landscaper Offering General Contractors Landscaping Design and Build Services


Santa Barbara Landscaping company

Bruce & Mark Koehler - The Experts at Down to Earth Landscapes

Santa Barbara, CA (PR.COM) March 11, 2013

Premier Santa Barbara landscaping specialists Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. has announced that the company is  actively seeking to work directly with general contractors. They have fresh ideas for frontyard and backyard landscaping projects. The company has 41 years of experience as landscape contractors and understands the importance of timely communication, creativity and completing projects on-time and on budget.

Down to Earth Landscapes Inc has worked closely with many general contractors over the years and have many valued relationship in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. They eagerly seek to take on the role of a landscaping subcontractor on a custom home or major remodeling project and ensure that the contractors’ reputations are enhanced.

Because general contractors and development companies  are often  under  pressure to complete their work within budget and within a set time frame,  they require their subcontractors to  have experience in a number of unique landscaping and construction areas. This is why many Santa Barbara general contractors  value the diversified landscaping services of  Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc.

The company’s landscaping services for general contractors are designed to help the general contractors achieve streamlined projects that ensure that budgetary and timeline parameters are met and clients are very satisfied with the quality of workmanship.

What sets Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. apart as a subcontractor is that the company offers  expertise beyond providing  backyard landscaping design and build ideas. For example, the company’s in-house team features trenching specialists, electrical sleeving and landscape lighting.

Contractors can trust the Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. team to install high performance outdoor lighting systems that help to enhance the architectural strength of the project and create the perfect ambience in garden areas. For those with specific electrical work requirements, the company can provide qualified electrical  sleeving work that supports optimal  safety.

These  services highlight the fact that Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. is a company that strives to continually exceed the expectations of their clients. And they’re always ready to help general contractors meet the high standards expected of a custom home client.

To learn more about Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. and their full scope of services, please contact the company directly. Alternatively, please visit the company’s website at


Santa Barbara Landscaping Contractor Offering Free 42-Point Lawn & Garden Evaluation


Santa Barbara, CA (PR.COM) February 28, 2013

santa barbara landscape contractor

42 Point Lawn and Garden Evaluation

A well-respected Santa Barbara landscaping contractor Down to Earth Landscapes Inc. has just announced that they’re now offering  a FREE Comprehensive 42-point Lawn & Garden Evaluation. This comprehensive evaluation is designed to ensure that Santa Barbara area residents and businesses will have a healthy and safe landscape environment. The evaluation  covers all areas of the outdoor property including irrigation systems, lighting, drainage, soil conditions and planted materials.

For home and business owners located in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, the maintenance of lawn and garden areas is often neglected and compromises the  health and beauty of the property. Weather changes that take place throughout the year  often require special seasonal care to protect lawns and plants against these changes. This type of protection is achieved when you have the support of a qualified landscaping professional who understand the best methods for lawn, garden and plant care.
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Santa Barbara Landscaping Company Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. Offering English Garden Designs


Santa Barbara, CA (PR.COM) February 28, 2013

English Garden in Santa Barbara

English Garden

A leading Santa Barbara-based landscaping  company, Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc., has just announced that they’re now offering English Garden design and installation for homeowners in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. English Gardens are becoming  sought-after service within the area as it allows property owners to achieve a classical appearance within their outdoor living areas.

Traditional English gardens often recreates an array of classical garden features and architecture from ponds, stone walls and stone paths to a flowers and shrubs planted in an “unarranged” manner. While an English Garden might seem a little unusual in Southern California, the team at Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc. can help homeowners create this unique outdoor environment that will become the a peaceful refuge and the envy of  the neighborhood.
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Santa Barbara Landscaping Permit Process


backyard pergola and sitting area

Backyard Pergola with hardscape and softscape

Most Home Landscaping Projects Require a Permit

City ordinances, or codes, can often seem confusing. We are all so busy, and our hectic lives might tempt us to overlook them because many homeowners believe that government building and safety agencies are too busy to follow up on all the landscaping jobs currently in process and therefore can sneak under the radar.

At Down to Earth Landscapes, we urge you resist this temptation because not only is it illegal, but also because it can be dangerous and can negatively impact the future sale of your home.

The codes and ordinances are there for you protection. They protect consumers by creating a standard of safety for all contractors to follow. Many construction jobs are shut down or penalized by overlooking permit process requirement. That means delays and even more money in the long run.  You don’t want this to happen to you!
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