Backyard Patio Ideas In Santa Barbara


Backyard patio ideas in Santa Barbara

Backyard Dining under Custom Pergola

Santa Barbara Backyard Patio Ideas

While a patio might be located outside of your main home, it is just an extension of the home and offers additional space to enjoy. Making the patio an inviting area will add to you and your family’s quality time outdoors. The patio is essentially another room in your home giving the family more options to relax and entertain.

The following list of backyard patio ideas can be used to give you inspiration for transforming your patio into a more enjoyable living space:

  • Add water – There is something that is soothing about water. The sound of running water is so serene and peaceful. Add a water feature to your patio, such as a fountain, and enjoy many relaxing moments.
  • Cover it – Enjoying your patio is much better if you don’t have to deal with the bright, and sometimes hot, sun. Cover the patio with a pergola or other type of sun blocking feature. Heat and rain can be kept at bay with a covered patio.
  • Entertainment center, furniture and rugs – Truly make the patio another room. Add a TV, some outdoor furniture and a rug or two. There are many wonderful choices today in outdoor decor. Add some color to the mix and jazz up your space.
  • Light it up – Does your patio have those same old utilitarian lights that were installed when the house was built? Banish those old lights and add some newer and modern ones. Also consider adding some solar lighting or even torches and lanterns.
  • Plants – Make the area shine with plants in containers and flower boxes. As mentioned earlier, flowers can make an area much nicer. Combing flowering and foliage plants and makes a statement on your patio.
  • Flowers – Flowers always brighten up an area and make it more inviting. The edges of a patio are often stark and drop off sharply. Plant a flower garden to soften the edges. Also, consider plants with interesting and colorful foliage.
  • Charming crafts and accents – All sorts of odds and ends can be used to add interest to the patio. Old wagons, mason jars, wooden boxes and more can be used to spice up your patio.
  • Privacy – You generally wouldn’t leave your window blinds open for all to see into your home. Take the same outlook out to the patio. Keep the area private by planting some plants that will grant that privacy. Climbing vines such as wisteria, ivy, clematis and morning glory keep prying eyes from being able to see into your area and also provide visual interest with beautiful blooms.
  • Fire pit – Fire pits can be used to keep you warm and even to cook on. Or go all out and add an entire outdoor kitchen and really enjoy your outdoor space.
  • Wind chimes – Bring music onto your patio. Wind chimes are stylish and traditional. Made from bamboo, teak, metal and more you can find a chime that surely plays your tune.
  • Bird feeders – No patio would be complete without a bird feeder. Install a feeder and be thrilled by the antics of our winged friends.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – A built in or freestanding BBQ along with a counter or sink can create even more opportunities to enhance your outdoor environment.
Fire pit in Santa Barbara

custom fire pit

As you can see there is no shortage of patio ideas for enlivening your outdoor living spaces. Using a little thought and some creativity you will surely be able to add to this list. Your home, nature and just about anywhere else can be an inspiration for ideas on how to spruce up your patio. So look around and come up with some great backyard patio ideas for your home.

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