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Customer Service Rules for Santa Barbara Landscaping Company

In this week’s blog, I’d like to share a value central to our landscaping business here in Santa Barbara—Customer Service.

In our Santa Barbara landscaping company, we strive to deliver our customers with the highest level of professional service in every thing we do.  Delivering quality customer service begins with devotion to a honing a craft and caring and  respecting the customer’s time and project needs.

Customer service in today’s marketplace tends to range from pathetic to mediocre.  Rarely will you find someone that goes the extra mile.  This is an opportunity to rise above the crowd and make a positive impression.

At Down To Earth Landscapes, Inc. we prefer a “embracing” approach, blending the best the technological age has to offer with old-fashioned craftsmanship and  caring and attentive service. Our team  differentiates itself from other companies through this holistic approach to managing your residential landscaping project.

That means that we are always up to date on the newest horticultural technologies and with internet marketing and social media networking. This means we want to connect with people wherever they feel most comfortable….Face-2-Face or online.

We are never too busy to take a moment to explore the details of a project with our clients.

Down to Earth Landscapes Inc.’s  5 Rules for Quality Customer Service:

  1. Honesty: For us, honesty means finding a way to blend the clients wishes  with what is best for their landscaping project. This means that you can count on us to tell you the truth, not just what we think you want to hear. We will always be honest with you about details such as scheduling, the best product choices, the most economical way to approach a project, and quality choice of subcontractors.
  2. Reliability: When we say we are going to do something, our clients can count on us to do it.
  3. Availability: We are sensitive to time constraints. If our clients are traveling, hosting an event, or having a party we work within that schedule to provide service that exceeds the client’s expectations.
  4. Horticultural knowledge: We love to teach. As we have been in business for over 40 years,  our knowledge of horticulture and landscape design and installation is wide. We have stayed in the landscaping business for all these years because we love what we do and working the earth. Quality customer service means explaining why the work needs to be done a certain way and educating what the benefits will be.
  5. Respect for the client:  Above all, providing quality service means working by the mantra “we are privileged to work with each customer.” We value the opportunity to work with each client. It means having  respect for the collaborative process that occurs when we work with our customers.  It means never losing sight of the fact that the prime directive of our company is “total customer satisfaction”

All of these things might seem pretty standard, but our company has a secret weapon that most companies don’t have...Twin Landscaping brothers whose skills and experience compliment each to create the garden of your dreams.

Guess work is never going to be a problem in our company because we are communicating with each other throughout the day, and even if we can’t be, we almost always are in the same wave length.  This means that our clients can feel they are well taken care of.

Please let us know what you think about our philosophy of customer service. We are eager to continually improve our expertise customer service with new and existing clients! Check out our testimonials.

Give us a call.

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