Why Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting?


Santa Barbara outdor landscape lightingThe Benefits of Installing Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Santa Barbara homeowners sometimes leave outdoor landscape lighting as an afterthought to the work they are doing on their property. In fact, lighting might be the most overlooked facet of a landscaping project.

At Down To Earth Landscapes, Inc, we like to offer a different way to think about landscape lighting. We believe that it is central to any landscaping project. Consider it the icing on the cake for your new landscape design and installation. Why should sundown prevent you from enjoying a newly landscaped front or backyard?

Creating Mood and Atmosphere

Landscape lighting adds accent to a space and can set a particular mood and create atmosphere. At night, outdoor landscape lighting draws the eye toward the parts of the garden you wish to highlight. It fills the space with warmth, opening it up, and is often entertaining those who encounter it.

Safety Considerations

Beyond aesthetics, however, perhaps the most important reason not to neglect your landscape lighting is safety. Lighting protects you from falls and offers the illusion that you are home when you cannot be there to keep an eye on your property.

Places to Use Outdoor Lighting.

There are so many options available for landscape lighting. How does one choose? Well, we are here to help! Let’s Consider The Basics:

  • Trees
  • Walkways
  • Overhead
  • Decorative accents

There are many different factors that go into your choice of material for outdoor lighting. The  questions you must ask yourself are:

  • How do I plan to use my landscape?
  • Do you desire overhead lighting for entertaining?
  • Do you  have dark areas in your garden that you would like to have illuminated?
  • Do you want your lights to be bright or subtle.

Our design style tends to lend itself more on the end of subtlety. Essentially, your garden is the star. Lighting should be functional without being obvious. Ideally, it should fade into the background. It’s focus should be on the object being lit, not the light fixture.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting: We highly recommend using low voltage lighting in your landscapes. Not only is it inherently safer—for the homeowner, their children, and their pets—but also it is more energy efficient, and thus more environmentally sound. It is much easier to install than high voltage lighting, and does not require an electrician. Your state licensed, landscape contractor can install low voltage lighting for you.

Solar Lighting: Solar lighting is a current trend in the world of green technologies. Although it is exciting and beneficial for the environment, there are two major considerations for you if you wish to install solar lighting.

  • Solar lighting is subtle. It generally casts a soft blue tint. If you are interested in bright light that provides lots of coverage, this might not be the right kind of lighting for you.
  • Consider the weather. Solar lighting requires large amounts of regeneration. Here in Santa Barbara, with a relatively common marine layer, this means that solar lighting will not be as consistent as one might wish.
  • Only use solar lighting in areas where lighting is not required for safety.

Of course, we are always available to answer your questions and design any lighting concept for you project. Call us today!

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